We are Game Changers

Go Green Agriculture Farm
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Organic Living
Green Butter Lettuce
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Organic Living
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Organic Living
Red Butter Lettuce

We employ the latest in water conservation technology, greenhouse design and organic growing methods. One hundred percent of our irrigation water is recaptured and reused - reducing water usage up to 80%! We use 1/3 of the land that is normally needed to grow.
Water Cycle


We have a vision - to grow organic food locally and ultra sustainably in every city in the U.S. Our young CEO, Pierre Sleiman, 28, has been recognized at the White House by President Obama as a "Champion of Change" in "The Future of Agriculture" for his work. We work with our community, customers and policy makers everyday to continue to realize our mission.

A Family Farm

Go Green Agriculture was founded in Pierre Jr's college dorm room. During one of Pierre Jr's Computer Science degree courses at UC Riverside, he was inspired by the concept of decentralization. Taking out his first credit card for $2,000, he began constructing a growing system and writing a business plan. Upon graduation, Pierre Jr. asked his father, Pierre Sr., to join his vision and become his partner. Today Go Green employs Mom, Dad and Sister. The rest is history...
Father and Son - Founders, Pierre Sleiman